About C.A.R.E.

It’s impossible to talk about Relax with C.A.R.E. without talking about our original and revolutionizing product, The C.A.R.E. Channel.

C.A.R.E. (Continuous Ambient Relaxation Environment) was born out of inspiration in 1992, by our founders, CEO Susan E. Mazer, Ph.D., and Executive VP & C.A.R.E. Channel producer, Dallas Smith. They both had one mission – to be the cornerstone of a healing environment using music and nature over the full 24-hour patient day: to comfort, to bring inside the beauty of nature, and to hold the hands of those enduring a health crisis.

Jazz harpist, Susan, and woodwinds specialist, Dallas, are world-renown musicians who in the 1990s were traveling around the world performing to massive crowds of jazz aficionados. In between performances, they would work with kids (K-12) through the Drug Free Schools Programs and would then work with nurses, teaching the science and practice of creating environments that are therapeutic and healing. During their workshops and beyond, they would perform for patients, their families, their communities, and hospital staff.

During one of their 4-hour residencies on an Oncology unit, they were asked a question that would change their lives forever and start their journey as entrepreneurs and patient advocates. They were asked, with some desperation, “Wonderful for you to be here, but what can I do for my patients at 3 in the morning?” That was the exact moment that C.A.R.E. was born.

Now over 29 years later, C.A.R.E. Programming is being utilized by over 1,000 healthcare facilities around the world. The C.A.R.E. Channel’s stunning natural landscapes paired with original instrumental music (now providing the music of over 40 composer/artists) provides a therapeutic tool for healthcare facilities and now, right to your streaming device.

We made Relax with C.A.R.E. for YOU!

We’ve received 100s of requests from patients and their family members asking us for access to C.A.R.E. at home. We take every piece of feedback we receive with the utmost consideration and have listened to your requests! We created Relax with C.A.R.E. to be accessible, affordable, and soothing for when and where you need it.

Relax with C.A.R.E. allows you to actively watch, or let it become a restful background to your daily life. Helping you recover from a stressful day, alleviate discomfort, sleep easier, and let go of the banter of commercial television.

Our production standards adhere to the most recent research in environmental psychology, nursing, neurology, and medical studies. Our history of working with healthcare shows our dedication to our rigorous standards and the highest quality relaxation content available.

With over 29 years of evidenced-based research that connects the use of music and nature with recovery, health, and well-being, Relax with C.A.R.E. will help you:

- Relieve stress
- Calm anxiety
- Experience a good night’s sleep
- And most importantly, relax